Greater Orlando Mothers of Twins and Triplets

Did You Know?

* Our membership year begins on August 1 and ends July 31.

* The yearly dues for the club are $35. That's less than the price of one family dinner or movie!

* Expectant parents are welcome and encouraged to join!

* GOMOTT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a local chapter of the national organization, Multiples of America, and the state organization, the Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs.  


1. Why should I join?

Support, friendship, and helpful advice. Our members are an amazing, supportive group of parents. Some who are going through the same joys, frustrations, and questions you are facing, and some who have already been there and can offer advice and cheer you on. We have a diverse group and members often discover lifelong friendships. We lend and sell to each other our multiples' clothing, toys, equipment, and so on. We are parents of multiples! 

2. Should I join if I'm still expecting or have newborns?

Absolutely! Have questions about nursery setup? Baby equipment? Lactation? Sleep or feeding schedules? We are here to provide support and friendship no matter what stage you are in.

3. What is included with membership?

Member benefits include:

* New friendships

* Support through fellow members and support through our Outreach Committee

* Access to our active private Facebook group page (post questions, share stories, get advice, request or offer children's items, etc.)

* Playdates

* Moms Night Outs

*Family events

* Monthly meetings, which typically have a guest speaker on a topic of interest such as health/safety, children's education, home organization, meal planning, etc. Or just a fun event such as a Thanksgiving potluck meal, Mom's Night Out, or our holiday gift exchange.

4. What do my membership dues go towards?

$10 of your dues goes directly to your registration with the national organization, Multiples of America (formerly National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs). A small portion also goes to the state organization. The rest helps cover the costs of our club, such as social expenses (such as refreshments for a special club event), website fees, and philanthropic/community outreach, among others. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we contribute towards the state-level organization's yearly philanthropic donation (this year it is supporting the Easter Seals). Our annual budget is available in the member's section of our website.

5. What do Prospective Members have access to?

The 90 day trial includes most benefits . We meet on the first Tuesday of every month (if there is a holiday it moves to the second Tuesday) at 7pm. If you sign up as a Prospective Member through our website or via email ( our Prospectives coordinator will email you regarding upcoming meetings and can help with any questions you may have.

6. How can I interact with your group during my trial membership? Why don't I see many members actively using the website?

Many of our members interact via Facebook rather than our website as it's more convenient during their busy day. There are still many opportunities to interact with members at meetings, playdates, or moms' night outs! Make sure to look at the events calendar in the Members Section to see the member-only events (playdates, moms night outs), which do not appear on the public calendar. In the meantime, if you post a question on the forum, we will help to get answers for you by posting it in our Facebook group and returning any answers onto the forum post.

7. Why does a moms club need a board of directors?

We need dedicated volunteers to keep our group organized and active. Board members are responsible for handling the various tasks needed to keep our fairly large club running smoothly. A board also helps GOMOTT stay in good standing as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and as a local chapter of the national organization, Multiples of America. Our board is happy to hear input from members or to gain new helpers, so please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for a position! The board for the coming year is voted on in June.


Still don't see the answer you were looking for? Just send us a note at or send a message on our Facebook page!

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